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Career Information Guide

The following is a guide through the many sources of information available to assist you with important choices regarding your future pathway and influencing the education or training that you undertake, in order to achieve your goals.


Ace Day Jobs
Check out on-line videos about Australians working in jobs they love it might help you to decide your future pathway

Australian and Queensland Apprenticeships
Australian Apprenticeships Centres Information - a website with a wealth of information for those seeking an Apprenticeship - check out 

The Queensland Government's web-site offering free advice, referrals and support about apprenticeships, traineeships and training options

The Australian Apprenticeships Alliance is the largest alliance of Australian Apprenticeships support services in Australia, with over seventy sites across the country delivering consistent quality and localised services to clients.  Click here for more info.

Australian Career Information Register (ACIR)
ACIR is a register of accredited courses offered by Australian Universities, TAFE Institutes and Registered Training Organisations.  The website enables registered providers to update information about their organisation, sites and courses.  Information provided to ACIR is used by a wide range publications reaching a diverse audience of prospective students, such as The Good Universities Guide.  ACIR is managed by Hobsons Australia, an organisation dedicated to assisting students in selecting the right education and career options by providing the information they need to make the right course and career choice, and bring them together with the educational institutions and graduate employers that best suit their needs and skills. For more info on ACIR, click here; for more info on Hobsons Australia, click here.


Australian Career Development Studies
An initiative designed to broaden access to career development learning opportunities.  This is a resource consisting of three learning programmes for anyone who wants to maximise their own career development or assist others to do so, including parents, youth workers, coaches and community leaders.  Click here  for more info.


Australian Careers Service (ACS)
ACS is a free membership service developed for career practitioners. It aims to support best practice and innovation in the delivery of career programs, and to promote career education as a professional and recognised field of endeavour.  Click here for more info.

Best Colleges

Best Colleges have put together guides to assist students with making decisions about their education. They can be found at the following links:

Bullseye Posters

The Bullseye posters have been updated to better reflect possible career options and training requirements for 33 subjects. The occupational titles are now in line with Job Guides profile titles.  The Bullseyes can help students to identify occupations that link with subjects studied at school and indicate what level of education and training is required.  For more information go to

Career Development Resources

A range of Career Development resources, research papers and links to relevant information are available at


Career Development Association of Australia
The Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) is a national organisation of practitioners who work in the career development industry either for themselves or others, providing a range of career services for people entering the workforce, managing their work and life roles, or changing careers. Click here for more info.



CareerHQ aims to be the leading centre of career information in the Australian community. Their Career Compass service is the first fully interactive career planning tool that allows people to be the driver of their career choices and enables them to create a career path that is truly representative of who they are. For more information, go to

Career Industry Council of Australia
The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) Inc is the national peak body representing national, state and territory career practitioner organisations.  Click here for more info. 


Career Information Service
Part of the Queensland Studies Authority website, this section requires a log in from students completing their Queensland Certificate of Education.  Students may access their learning accounts with their individual ID (LUI) and password to further acces the the SmartOP Service for OP and FP results.  There are also links to information on careers, occupations, learning options and pathways and jobs. Go to  for more info.


For more information on the range of career development and employment services offered by the the Sunshine Coast Uni's careerconnection team, click here

Careers Event
Information on a range of career events presenting the latest information on tertiary studies and further training

Careers Online
Written by professional career advisers, this site contains a range of services, sources and tools to help with career planning


Find jobs, courses and career guidance in one place -


Careers That Matter

A great source of information and advice about careers in the community services and health industries - visit

Career & Job Search Links

Links to sites provided by the Australian Government regarding Career and Job Search


Resources, tools and programs to help you get on track to the career you want -

Department of Education, Employment and Work Relations (DEEWR)

The lead Australian government agency providing leadership in education and workplace training, transition to work and conditions and values in the workplace.  For more info go to


Gap Year

This website outlines opportunities to live and work in a different country and culture, to take a break from study and develop your confidence.  For more info go to

Graduate Careers Australia
The leading authority on graduate employment issues in Australia -

A useful resource developed from the Graduate Destination Survey offering info for and about graduates with a link to The Grad Files.  The Grad Files is a publication designed for secondary school students and parents as a snapshot of the salaries and destinations of uni graduates in the workforce, to help students plan for further education


Headstart Program
The Headstart Program gives year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to study an undergraduate course at the University of the Sunshine Coast, while still at school

Internships just recently published their Student Internship Guide. This resource hopes to walk students  through the internship search process and what they should know before they apply, and how to maximize their internship opportunities.

You can see the entire guide along with some of its features here:


This website allows you to find jobs and job vacancies from all career sites in Australia. For more info go to 

Job Guide
Check out over five-hundred occupations and their education and training requirements are described here important information to get you on the right track

Job Hero

Contains a lot of great career-related information, including sample resume content for thousands of job titles - for more information go to

Job Outlook

Job Outlook provides you with information on occupations Australia wide, such as the size of the workforce, future growth prospects, required skills, duties involved, average weekly earnings, and the main employing industries. Use the information in Job Outlook to help you to make informed career decisions.  Click here for more info.

My Future
Check out an on-line career service designed to help you to explore and plan your career.  This site is designed to help everyone to make career decisions.  It has information on industries, occupations, study choices, scholarships, education and training providers, regional employment trends, videos and more.  It also has a personalised career exploration tool which helps people to discover jobs that suit them and provides advice for people helping others to make career decisions

Skillsroad is a site for young people who like the idea of earning money while gaining skills on the job.  The focus is on apprenticeship and traineeship careers.  Find out what industries and jobs fit you by taking te career roadmap quiz and explore career paths to see the road you could take when you are qualified.   For more info go to


This is the brand that The Institute for Trade Skills Excellence has established to support the objective of raising the profile and status of trades.  The project includes a television and web initiative - SkillsOne Television and  The focus is on people who are passionate about what they do, the exciting career opportunities available across many indusries and the skills in high demand in the 21st century.  The programs and website provide info and helpful content for career counselors, parents and students as well as a unique opportunity for industry groups, corporations, training bodies and individuals to get involved.  Go to for more awesome info.


The Real Game
A series of personal career exploration games for a variety of age groups


A comprehensive jobs guide for final year uni students seeking employment.  The guide includes over 150 profiles of companies looking for thousands of students and is indexed via degree and location.  Opening and closing dates for applications are also provided.  If you would like a copy of the guide, call 1300 134 121 or email  In addition to the guide, unigrad has a job search website specific to graduate positions in all disciplines - check out

Universities Australia

Queensland Universities at a glance with links to information about university scholarships and grants, programs and courses, guidance and career advice, fees and loans, and lots more ..

University Info
Information about going to university for current and prospective students


Virtual Careers Expo
 Enjoy the virtual experience and find out more about careers and study opportunities across Australia

Youth Website
This website provides links to Australian Government information on all things youth related

Young Workers Advisory Service
A Queensland Government funded community organisation that provides info, advocacy, referrals and advice to young workers

Youth Pathways

Youth Pathways helps young people (13-19 year olds) at risk get through school and make the transition from school to further education, training or work

Year 12 - What Next?
A practical resource that can be used with students to explore career options


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