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Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting


The following courses and classes in the area of Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting are available on the Sunshine Coast.

Please be aware that some courses and classes are ongoing and others run for a limited time only and may not always be available. Please confirm details with the relevant service provider. 

(Providers are listed alphabetically):



Lisa Lindley - Postnatal Depression Support

If you have had a child in the last twelve months and feel that you are having 
difficulty adapting to motherhood, or have been diagnosed with Postnatal Depression,
come along to a PND Support Group.  The eight week program is aimed at providing 
you with information about PND and providing practical ways to reduce symptoms 
of depression. The group meets on a Tuesday afternoon at the Lifepointe Baptist 
Centre, Wises Road, Buderim.

For starting details and enrolment in the next course, contact (07) 5309 6128 
and for more information go to www.sunshinecoastpnd.com.au

Growing Early Childhood

The team at Growing Early Childhood are committed to empowering both child and parent whilst continuing to celebrate families and attachment.  Programs include the "Building Resiliency" Workshops which are run by registered teachers and facilitators for 4 -7, 7-12 and 12-16 year olds.  Click here for more info on the Workshops.  

Growing Early Childhood also provide training for those interested in becoming Facilitators of the 'Fun Friends' (4-7 year olds) and the 'Friends for Life' (7-12 year olds) Programs.           Click here for more info on the Facilitator Training.

Ph: 0414 674 674 (Donna)        

W: www.growingearlychildhood.com.au



Pru Todd is a Childbirth Educator for SheBirths® here on the Sunshine Coast. 

She is a passionate advocate for pregnant couples and families and would like to share her upcoming courses with you. The SheBirths® Course is about helping couples have the most enjoyable, beautiful and satisfying birth outcome, no matter what unfolds. 

For more information go to:

Shh .. Mum's Talking (SMT)

SMT is a support group for women with perinatal (before and after childbirth) depression and anxiety (PND).  The group meets every Tuesday at the North Shore Community Centre where morning tea and child-minding are provided.  The aim of SMT is to provide a safe and secure place where mothers can be open and honest about their experience of motherhood. A place where they can meet people going through the same thing and where they can be heard, understood and supported by other mothers who just get it. 

For more information call Annelise on 0421857976.


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