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About Us


Welcome to Learn2Live.


The Learn2Live logo represents the core values of Learn2Live it is all about each one of us reaching our potential, through living and learning on the Sunshine Coast.


In today's rapidly changing world, accessing the region's education, training and professional development products and services is critical to making the right decisions. Ultimately, these decisions have a big impact on our employment, relationships and quality of life. Increased information and choice make it more challenging than ever for consumers to find key information regarding education, training and learning resources.


Learn2Live is an education and training information service with the specific purpose of assisting the Coast's current and future residents and businesses to access quality, local and allied information relating to:



Personal, professional and business development,

so that they can be fully informed before making training decisions - whether that be about locating a school, undertaking an apprenticeship or university degree, attending a professional development conference or enrolling in a dance class. Having all of this learning information in one place will save an enormous amount of time and energy.


The ultimate goal is for Learn2Live to grow to be the most comprehensive lifelong learning resource service for the Sunshine Coast community.


It is our hope that you will find value in, and benefit from, this local learning resource. Take care and happy learning and living on the lovely Sunshine Coast.


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