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The following courses and classes in the area of Photography are available on the Sunshine Coast. (Providers are listed alphabetically):

Please be aware that some courses and classes are ongoing and others run for a limited time only and may not always be available. Please confirm details with the relevant service provider. 

What: We are a community non-profit art and craft organisation and offer a number of photography courses and workshops throughout the year covering topics such as:
Know your Camera
Photoshop for Beginners

Courses run for either a day, a weekend, or half daily for 6 weeks duration, depending on the activity presented.
We also offer a variety of activities in the form of art and craft groups, as well as tutoring and mentoring, workshops, and exhibitions and sales.

Location: Wallace House 7 Wallace Drive, Noosaville Q. 4566

Contact:  Karina Gough. (07) 5474 1211; Email: create@noosaartsandcrafts.org.  au  W: www.noosaartsandcrafts.org.au 

The Sunshine Coast School of Photography & Creative Arts offers a programme designed to provide high quality education and training for people looking to enhance their skills in photography. We offer a convenient and affordable series of workshops in Photography designed to meet different learning and commitment levels for those of us who are passionate and enthusiastic about photography - for those of us who would love to become more skilful, more confident and have more understanding of the medium but cannot possibly spare the commitment to a full-time or long-term courses.

PHOTOGRAPHY SHORT COURSES - Beginners to Master Classes:
First steps in Photography
The Creative Photographer 01 - 05
Photoshop for Beginners
The Art of Portrait
Photojournalism and Creative Writing
Becoming a Professional
Fashion Photography
Photography by Night
Landscape Photography
Human Form Photography
and many more...

CONTACT:  Call:  0458 975 993
Email:  info@photolearning.com.au   www.photolearning.com.au


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